Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Choosing the Right Architect for your Home

The Clawson Difference - 

Business and Sales Coaches often ask:
" What is the Value Proposition?...
"What is it that you bring to the table?"
"What is it that you do that is different?"

While Clawson Architects has a portfolio of Beautiful Projects: New Homes, Renovations and Addition Success can be difficult for the home owner searching for an architects to discern why Clawson Architects may be the best choice for them.

So what is the Difference?  Below is our

Value Proposition

Feature: Clawson Architects has evidence that their client’s homes receive both post construction appraisals and post construction sales with between 22% and 200% Return on their Investment.
Advantage:  Your investment in proper drawings and a thoughtful design by Clawson Architects will reap you financial rewards.
Benefit: You will love how the light shines on the faces of your family and friends when they enter the room.  You will feel comfortable and joyful as you take in the views created by our thoughtful placement of windows into the landscape.  Your daily life will be easier as we will have addressed your lifestyle... and in the end...if you decide to sell the family home, you will realize the financial benefits of building something that was thoughtful and enduring.

Marvin during an initial sketching session "adding curb appeal"

Feature: Marvin has the ability to draw on demand to scale often upside down.(to make it easier for the clients to follow his thought process and ideas)
Advantage: This allows Marvin to explore many concepts with the owners quickly to get to a solution that resonates with them.
Benefits: The owners are seeing the possibilities in real time.  They are seeing their ideas incorporated as he listens and draws with them.  There is no time wasted with the architect going back to the office getting on their computer and dreaming up schemes without the feedback of the end user. No sitting around and waiting to see if the architect understood what you wanted. Our clients are seeing perspectives and details  explained with three dimensional free hand drawings on the spot.  This same process is used in the field if there are unforeseen conditions that need to be addressed.  A meeting is held and Marvin whips out his magic pencil and begins to problem solve and communicate/share the possible solutions as the owner, contractor and architect work together to resolve the issues.

Feature: We have extensive experience and knowledge of period home construction, renovations and additions.
Advantage: With over 450 built projects and counting, we are not learning on your job. When you work with Clawson Architects, and allow them to follow their tried and true process, you are harnessing the power of our over 30 years each of High End Residential experience and connections in the industry.  You will have the attention of the partners and their very qualified supporting team.
Benefit:  You will not have to worry.  We have the experience necessary for you project to be successful, creating a home with you that tells the story of your life with details that matter, are enduring and authentically represent your life and your needs and bring you joy.

However from a purely numbers point of view, when looking at the Return on Investment (ROI) Just one more reason to consider Clawson Architects as your Architect in a time when you need an investment you can count on.

So, Thanks again for considering  Clawson Architects, now let's get to work creating something of beauty and value for you!  Give us a call 973-313-2724

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