Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Typical Dimensions for Home Design: Architecture by Numbers

Formulas for good design.
What are the dimensions for…? How much room do I need for…?

Kitchen Counters
Are 36” high.
Counter depth is 24” + 1” overhang for a total of 25”.

Bathroom Vanities :

18-21” deep and are typically 30-34” high

You need minimum of 60” to get a double Vanity in, but we recommend at least 72” so two adults can stand next to each other at those sinks.

Closets:   need to be a minimum of 21” deep for a
standard hanger to fit…go for 24” clear on the inside …you will be happier.

Porches:  less than 6’ deep are useless. 6’ gets you a rocking chair and room to walk pass. 8’ is good, but 10’-12’ is ideal for entertaining and hanging out on.

Paint:  One gallon of paint typically covers 400 square feet of wall surface.

3’-0” wide openings for doors to the exterior.
2’-6” to 2’-8 inches everywhere else unless you need
Wheel Chair Accessibility…then 3’-0” everywhere.

This also helps with getting large furniture and appliances into the space. Note: Double check that if you are getting a large Viking Range that you can get it into your house.

Halls or circulation paths need to be at least 36” but the closer you can get to 48” the more gracious it will be…this includes kitchen circulation.

The kitchen work triangle = the distance from Refrigerator to the Sink to Stove back to Refrigerator. Each leg of the work triangle should measure between 4’ and 9’ in length and the total length of all 3 legs should be between 12’ and 26’ with 21 being rated at the most efficient.

Bed Sizes:

Twin 39”x75

X-Long Twin found in Dorms 39” x 80

Full Size Bed 54”x75

Queen 60”x80

King 76”x 80

California King 72”x 84”

Couches:  What ever size couch you decide to get, research shows that rarely more than 2 people will sit on it together at one time….don’t know where the research is another one of those things Mother Mary always says…and I have noted the phenomenon at parties.

Dining Rooms:  The minimum dining room size is 12' X 12' this allows for proper circulation around the table and allows for 6 people to fit graciously...more if you are good friends.

Chandeliers: or pendant lights should be approximately 36” above the table/counter surface.
Shelves:  Books minimum 12" however 13" is better.  Dishes need 15" clear in an upper cabinets.  If  you have glass doors on your cabinets either use glass shelves or line the shelf up with the "grill" pattern on the door and for the Love of Good Design-- shelves should always be adjustable because stuff comes in different sizes.


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  2. I have a good friend that is working towards becoming a residential architect. He just barley started the course for it so he still has a long ways to go but he loves it. It takes a lot of hard work and knowledge to do and I have nothing but respect for the work they do.

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