Thursday, August 18, 2011

Porches... why a porch is better than a deck.

When clients inquire about building a deck...I must admit I am partial to porches with screened porches topping my list.  Why? Let me count the ways:

Decks are:
1. Too Hot.
2. Too Buggy.
3. Too Exposed to the elements.

Porches, on the other hand:
1. Provide more protection from the elements.
2. Provide creature comforts like lights and ceiling fans. 
3. Feel more like an extention of the house and when screened in... they keep the bugs out.

So, below are some of Clawson Architects favorite porches.  Enjoy.

With a covered balcony off the Master Suite, a porch off the kitchen dining area-- down to a patio,
this client has outdoor living spaces that allow them to enjoy their property from many levels. And for those who can't
decide you can have it all ...this house also has a deck off the kitchen on the other side.

From the first signs of spring until the end of fall, porches are great places to entertain day and night.

Porches act as an additional room. 

Nothing is more chaming than than the Period  Home with the wrap around front porch.

Wimsical wind chimes and a cool drink complete the mood on a hot summer day.
Wind chime by Krista McCaffery--Seaglassbeach Trinkets & Treasures




  1. Top photo: You read my mind! I love that the doors swing out and not in. Yes, I always wanted to have the double decker off the back of my house.

  2. When designing a porch be sure to consider the function and furnishings. If you just want to have rockers in a row to people watch you need 6' minimum. If you want to have a table and chairs ...consider the size and number of people you want to have seated and the circulation around them. 12' x 10' is a minimum area for a dining area of 6-8 people.